The Main Characters

  • Caedmon Theudoricus, Imperial Fist space marine
  • Caedmon is the main protagonist and the object of Ansovald's obsession. While he has a strong parental streak with his children, he would not consider himself female; despite Ansovald's insistence otherwise.

  • Ansovald Timoteo, Black Legionnaire
  • Ansovald is our main antagonist in the story, a self-centered, egotistical Black Legionnaire who's taken an interest in Caedmon. Manipulation and torture are his preffered method to keep his subordinates in line.

  • Azad Pythios, Sable Sword space marine
  • The youngest of the space marines in Ansovald's harem, Azad is much more timid and skittish when compared to the others. He's formed a glue-like bond with Caedmon, following him wherever he goes, which Caedmon doesn't mind at all. Their bond only became more close after the death of Baldarich, both suffering lasting effects from watching his grizzly demise.

  • Nazuban, Thousand Sons sorcerer
  • Where most other space marine in the harem have decided to shut up, lay down, and pretend everything isn't happening, Nazuban is the opposite. In a useless act of defiance against Ansovald, he has taken to the hurling of insults, though they have been reduced since Ansovald told him his place in his game. Most of his births have ended in miscarriage due to the Rubric, as much as he hates to admit it, he wishes he could keep his child like Caedmon did.

  • Othak, Iron Warrior
  • Othak is the newest member of the harem, and he is not one bit happy about both his new predicament. He is not one to back down, he has been harrassed and mistreated most of his life, and has learned that in order to stay standing he needed to get mean, fast. How well will he fair when the object of his pain is inside of him I wonder?


  • Is Caedmon a Trans-woman/trans-femme?
  • Short answer: No. Caedmon was taken and altered without his consent, he was happy and comfortable among his fellow Imperial Fists. While he may be apathetic to his new genitals, he would not call himself a woman by a long shot, he merely tolerates Ansovald's misgendering because he has no other choice in the matter.

  • Does Ansovald Love Caedmon/Does Caedmon Love Ansovald?
  • For Ansovald I use the term 'love' extremely loose, he loves Caedmon the same way a stalker loves their victim, a sociopath their mother. His love is suffocating, controlling, and if the object of his affection steps out of line, he will not mourn their death, merely change to a new victim.

    Regarding Caedmon, he hates Ansovald, hates him more than he could any living being. He ponders submission not out of love, but some blind hope that maybe the pain will be less, the torture less agonizing. Should Caedmon completely lose hope of escape, his love for Ansovald would be a demented kind, both willing to humiliate himself for the smallest hint of kindness, while breaking down into fits of hysteria when he remembers how far he has fallen.

  • Could Ansovald be Rehabilitated to Good?
  • No, Ansovald has completely given into the Dark Gods will. He thrills in performing their work in the world, sowing chaos, misery, and sorrow. This is a man who has gladly and eagerly jumped into the mouth of madness.

  • Will Kaeso Make an Appearance Again?
  • I honestly wasn't expecting the strong following the character received, as he had been planned to just be a one-off character to show what cruelties Ansovald enacted upon the harem. Honestly, he will likely make a reappearance near the end of the story as I have an ending in mind. He might also appear in one of the spin-off fics I'm working on for A Silken Cell, so keep your eyes peeled for the Ultramarine.